The Need for Rules & Laws

The Need for Rules & Laws

Learning Outcome

This lesson discusses the need for rules and laws and gives students the opportunity to think about what life would be like without rules and laws.


Desert Island Laws You and your classmates are stranded on a deserted island. You are the only people on the island and it’s unlikely that you are going to be rescued for some time. Think about what types of rules/laws you will need to make sure that everyone gets on, that everyone is treated fairly and that everyone is safe.

In groups decide upon four Laws that you would want to have, using the following headings:
1) A Law to ensure Fairness. Give ONE reason why you should have this law.
2) A Law to protect People’s Rights. Give ONE reason why you should have this law.
3) A Law to Keep People Safe. Give ONE reason why you should have this law. 4) A Law about People who offend. Give ONE reason why you should have this law.

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Video Transcript

Imagine what it would be like if there were no rules and laws. In Ireland we are used to rules. As children our parents and teachers have rules for us to follow whether it’s what time we have to go to bed at or what we can and can’t do in school. Imagine if your parents had no rules, you could go to bed whenever you felt like it, eat whatever you like and watch whatever you like on television. Older kids could stay out as late as they liked and do what they liked. If schools didn’t have rules, students could wear what they liked and not do homework. It might all sound like great fun, but it would soon lead to disorder and confusion. In our everyday lives there are rules but we don’t think of them as rules and sometimes we just take them for granted. Rules help to keep a sense of order and minimise chaos. Most groups of people living, working, learning or playing together make rules that regulate how they behave. Schools, families, sports, games, businesses, clubs, organisations, communities and countries all have their own sets of rules. Countries call these rules, Laws. They have laws to make sure there is order, safety, peace and justice for all. One of the main reasons for having these laws is to protect the human rights that everyone is entitled to under international law. Have a think. What would Ireland be like without Laws and Rules?

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